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The Essence Skin Lab team works with an experienced Cosmetologists to provide medical grade skin care and quality hair and body care based in Sydney. We offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments to help enhance your natural beauty. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and friendly service, as well as the quality of our products at affordable prices.

Our product range is presented in sophisticated gender neutral packaging. Our Silver Aluminium Airless pumps ensure the integrity of our ingredients are preserved and remain effective by reducing bacteria growth by eliminating straws in our bottles.
Our products are Australian Made and Owned. They are free from Paraben, Sulphate, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours. We also ensure all products are cruelty-free.

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Meet the Founder of Essence Skin Lab

Hi, My Name is Teah.

I've always been truly obsessed with skincare, hair care and body care often dropping hundreds of dollars on just one product.

I realised that majority of my hard earned money wasn't paying for product quality, I was paying for a label, marketing gimmicks and celebrity endorsement's.

With so many products on the market with playful packaging and pretty smells I realised I wasn't always getting the quality of product my skin needed. I was paying for cosmetic products that sit on the outer layer of skin and don't actually pass through the dermal-epidermal joining.

I wanted to create high performing products that are actually proven to work scientifically. With proven bio active ingredients in just the right amounts working their hardest.

A range of products that are affordable, easily accessible and gender neutral.

Creating Essence Skin Lab is a dream come true and I look forward to making you all FEEL NATURAL BEAUTIFUL

  • - Shelley Lee

    The Lactic Acid Gel Cleanser smells amazing, really cleans and removes my makeup, it did feel thick and sticky however it does foam up and spreads across your face easily also easy and quick to use.

    8% Glycolic Exfoliating scrub has a good consistency, goes on easy and easy to use. Wasn’t to gritty or harsh for a scrub. However on some parts of my face such as my nose and near my checks it gave a strong stinging sensation. 

    Botanical Clay Mask gives a tingle when applying however that soon faded. Spread easily. Loved when it dried how tight it made my face feel. Washed off with no mess.

    Hydrating Rose Spritzer is  light and refreshing and a great way to finish off a cleaning resume.

  • - Alyce Grimeen

    The spritz is so soothing and cooling and not sticky.. I used this between cleansing and moisturising and found it to be super absorbent. Was great to use through the day over my daily make up to keep me looking fresh and at this price I will be ordering again. I purchased this clay mask in a bundle from ESL and it came with the mask applicator which was a real bonus ( kept my hands away from the product) This was smooth and spread easily, The Products is not artificially perfumed but does smell clean and pure. It left my skin tightened and pores smaller …… my new holy grail ……..

  • - Lisa Maree

    I was lucky enough to be selected for a sample pack. I started the routine with the Lactic acid cleanser, a little on my fingers with some water. This product lathered up nice and with the tiniest amount I feel cleansed my face really well. I then used the Glycolic acid scrub, again a little on my fingers and applied whilst my face was still damp, this product made my face tingle which I know from past experience means its really working. It has a nice fine granule ( not to scratchy) I left it on for around 40 seconds before washing off. My skin is radiant and glowing. I will definitely be placing orders for these

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